Opion A : Extra customize template

Price: $ USD 29.99


Take the wedding invitation template to the next level with a custom couple avatar that looks just like you and your partner! With this option, you will receive:

  • The ability to request customization the couple cartoon illustration on the template to resembles you and your partner features, such as hair color, skin tone, and clothing.
  • The freedom to select a background from any template in our store.
  • The ability to fully customize the text on your invitation using the Corjl web browser.
  • The template with High-resolution JPEG and PDF (300 DPI)  files.

 How it works:

  1. Choose the main template that you are prefer then purchase the Extra Customize option from that listing or this listing below.
  2. After purchase, provide us with your customization details such as the cartoon from template #xxxx but customize the hair color, skin tone, and clothing, or attach your images for reference, if you need to swap the background then provide to me the background that you choose from any template on this stage as well.
  3. Once I recieve enough and clearly informations, the project will starting.
  4. You will receive a digital proof for approval within 3-5 business days. Once approved, you'll receive a Corjl link to edit the text of your invitation.


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